The Sounds Of The 2016 (Yearmix 2016)

Feb 20

The year 2016 has passed. It’s official. Everyone of us transfers his / her own experience, memories from that year. I did too. The best option is to leave the bad feelingsin the past and learn from the gained experience of 2016 and tranfer only the positive vibes into the present. Sometimes it’s not so easy, as it’s said.

As (almost) every year since 2006, I would like to remind us the music of 2016 in the annual project called ‘yearmix’. The Yearmix started to be more and more popular among the DJs, producers so I believe you have already heard a plenty of them and maybe you have also your personal ranking of all the yearmixes around. I also heard a lot of them, and I must admit that every year is little bit different, but to be honest, the music is not so diversed, like used to be 15 years ago. But enough talking…