tuki-webMegamix DJ, VJ, Author of ★ Luscious Melodies

DJ Tukancheez was born 1984 in Brno, the 2nd largest city in Czech Republic. His name is Honza Kadlec but among fans, he is more known as just ‘ Tuki ’.

In his first ‘mixing steps’ he didn’t know that one day he will become hooked on mixing. He was influenced by one important moment, he had a chance to listen to one of the ‘Deep Dance’ mixes, that was mixed by his future mixing idol, DJ DEEP. This moment changed his point of view about the electronic music (DJ) mixing. Since that moment, he started to discover various mixing techniques, DJ programs, DJ utilities,… just anything related to improve his knowledge about creating own mixes.

After 15 years, he still makes the mixes but in very limited amount per year. The lack of free time makes it quite harder to produce the same amount of mixes, like the years before.

In short:

In 2012 he started a new project called ‘ Luscious Melodies ’. This videomix project is inspired by similar series such as for example ‘Sunset Melodies’, ‘Endless Roads’, ‘Floating Rhytms’ and many more…

In 2016 he made his first video version of Yearmix 2015.

In 2017 he focuses mainly on videomixes Luscious Melodies and annual projects like Yearmix.

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